Ashley Segroves


Organization: The Studio 208
Job Title: Gallery Owner and Artist
Industry: Visual Arts
Bio: Anyone who knows Ashley, knows her passion for connecting people. Since photography has been a passion for Ashley her whole life, she gets to work in her creative passion each day. Ashley delights in meeting people from all walks of life, she gets to learn about them, asks questions, and helps them be comfortable in front of her camera. Her specialties include professional portraits, children and family portraits, and boudoir and pinup photography. In her volunteer time, Ashley helps connect business owners, building owners and artists for public art murals. She took the passion of connecting and elevating artists one step further by opening an invite only gallery to highlight some of the leading artists in the country. The Studio 208 opened the doors with a first show featuring Ian Ross from San Francisco, celebrating his new mural in the Gulch, part of The Nashville Walls Project.

Ashley Segroves will be presenting:

Conversation: Engaging the wider public.

At 1:45PM-2:30PM, in Studio A

Our panel guests will be sharing how their organizations focus on community engagement. How do they reach a wider audience? How they communicate with their public? What are the issues and how are they overcoming it for reaching a wider audience with the message of art? How do they approach the campaigns for the programs they do?

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