Thaxton Waters


Organization: Metro Arts
Job Title: Artist and Curator
Industry: Visual Arts
Bio: Thaxton Waters is a Tennessee native working and living in the South. With an artist father and a teacher mother, Thaxton has been exposed to the arts as long as he can remember. Following in his parents footsteps as a painter and educator, his work focuses on the rise, decline, and reinvestment of historic communities surrounding Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). Channeling his love for history and art historical reference, Waters works primarily with a collage of emblematic connections, chronological moments and narrative ‘’stills’. In doing so Waters seeks to capture a part of the human experience that allows the viewer to participate in the ‘understanding’ of the communities in their own backyard. Waters strives to create work that is timeless yet empathetically informs the audience. Currently outside of his personal work, Waters is founder and creative director of Art History Class Lifestyle Lounge & Gallery which exhibits emerging student artist from the nearby HBCU’s whiles creating educational programming for under-served communities in the Nashville area. The focus of this gallery is to not only provide a platform for young artist in these colleges but to also serve as a “living” library, antique museum, theater, private artist studios and meeting place which teaches the history of the surrounding community in a contemporary fashion.

Thaxton Waters will be presenting:

You Can't See What I Can See

At 1:45PM-2:30PM, in Studio D

Thaxton will lead a panel discussion with diverse panel to reflect on the opportunities & challenges in the "art world" as persons of color.

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