4th Annual ArtCamp Sept 30, 2017
at Nossi College of Art

John Partipilo (jparti@comcast.net)


Organization: John Partipilo Photography
Job Title: Owner/Photographer
Industry: Visual Arts
Bio: John Partipilo is a national award winning photojournalist in Nashville, Tennessee.

Website (http://www.jparti.com)
Facebook (facebook.com/www.jpartipilo)

John Partipilo will be presenting:

Cuban Visit & Tools of the Trade

At 2:30PM-3:15PM, in Studio B

John will discuss his recent visit to Cuba, the images he was able to capture and a photographer's considerations when traveling for photo journalistic purpose. “The single thread that ties my show together is people -- People in their different environments and people in their different stages of life. That’s the heart of my work. To me people are so important, because they all have a unique story.” -- John Partipilo

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