Kristin Llamas


Organization: Wear a Pear LLC
Job Title: Founder and Fine Artist
Bio: I am a contemporary artist that uses my work as a way to communicate, raise awareness and benefit humanity. Every symbolic element in my paintings and installations is a commentary on life, current events, and social justice issues. With each story and event that inspires me, I strive to illustrate it through the most peaceful and visually beautiful way, using abstract backgrounds and realistic elements. My hope is to start conversations that reflect on our understanding of the world around us. For example, my painting of honey bees titled “Colony Collapse Disorder” is meant to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators in our daily lives, where a painting about Edgar Allen Poe titled “100 years of Poe” highlights his important literary contributions to our modern culture.

Kristin Llamas will be presenting:

How I exhibited in 50 states by age 23

At 11:30AM-12:15PM, in Illustration 3

How does a small town girl turn down a NYC college art scholarship and still end up with her first museum show at age 24? My art has been my livelihood since I was a 15 yr old runaway - it's been my "ticket" to 50 states, 56 countries, 2 homes and 3 children. From commissions, exhibitions, project proposals, grants, press releases, critiques, receptions, online sales, interior designers, installations, competitions, curating, charities, and on... I want to show you what surviving off your art really looks like (some of it is surprising)... as well as the strategies to finding success! Get ready to take notes and ask questions as I share all my little secrets!

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