4th Annual ArtCamp Sept 30, 2017
at Nossi College of Art

Nicole Brandt (nicole@povertyandthearts.org)


Organization: Poverty & the Arts
Job Title: Founder and Executive Director
Industry: Visual Arts

Website (PovertyandtheArts.org)
Facebook (facebook.com/PovertyandtheArts)
Twitter (@PovertyandArts)

Nicole Brandt will be presenting:

Art as a Conduit for Change

At 9:15AM-10:00AM, in Studio A

Poverty & the Arts is a local social enterprise 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower homeless and formerly homeless individuals as artists and creatives, by helping them to form community relationships, generate creative income, gain confidence, and bring purpose to their lives.In this session, we will facilitate open and honest discussion about the complexities of homelessness and how the arts can be a powerful mechanism for creating effective environments for change. We will discuss the various ways in which empowering individuals as artists gives them the tools they need to make sustainable change in their lives. Being a successful artist requires entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills, and independence. Our artists are encouraged and given opportunities to develop these skills for both personal and professional growth.We will share information about our offered programs, testimonies from our artists, as well as the challenges and successes of using the arts to empower individuals experiencing homelessness. This session is beneficial for community professionals, K­12 educators, university administrators, and anyone with a vested interest in arts and social justice.

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