Kristen Chapman Gibbons


Organization: True Stories Let Loose
Job Title: Storyteller. Artist. Loudmouth.
Industry: Performing Arts
Bio: I tell my own true stories in print, in person and online. I do community-based arts projects to elevate the stories of communities and I teach people about narrative. I also produce a podcast called True Stories Let Loose.

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Twitter (@@KCGibbons)

Kristen Chapman Gibbons will be presenting:

Joining Forces: Artists at the Table

At 3:45PM-4:30PM, in Studio D

Join local storyteller, Kristen Chapman Gibbons and Alex Macias, Community Coordinator at Conexion Americas, for a conversation about collaboration and addressing community issues through the Arts. What are the avenues for artists to partner with nonprofits on the issues they care most deeply about? How can we create pathways for meaningful work?

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