4th Annual ArtCamp Sept 30, 2017
at Nossi College of Art

Amber Buker (jjohnson@abcnashville.org)


Organization: Arts & Business Council
Job Title: Program Director

Website (http://abcnashville.org/)
Facebook (facebook.com/www.ABCNashville)
Twitter (@ABCNashville)
Linkedin (linkedin.com//company/arts-&-business-council-of-greater-nashville)

Amber Buker will be presenting:

Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training

At 11:15AM-12:00PM, in Studio D

In today's market, artists need to have a full arsenal of professional skills to excel. Talent is vital, but it is one of many attributes that professional artists need to survive. Artists also need to consider things like business structures, pricing models, and marketing plans, and they need to be able to identify the value and unique selling propositions of their work. The Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training program gives artists the tools they need to cultivate all of those skills, and so much more. Periscope is a six-week intensive training opportunity that empowers working artists to see their vision through an entrepreneurial lens. Hosted at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC), Periscope gives artists training, exchange, mentorship, and exposure.

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