Meredith Edmondson


Job Title: Glass Artist
Industry: Visual Arts
Bio: Meredith Edmondson fell in love with the glass arts over a decade ago when a chance visit to the Appalachian Center for Craft prompted her to pursuit a life in the arts. Inspired by the material, she earned her BFA in Glass in 2009 and has since continued to experiment with an array of processes. Her designs, largely inspired by textiles and fabric patterns, are created using a variety of glassworking techniques such as weaving, fusing, slumping, and screenprinting. Currently she is working with kiln cast glass through the lost wax casting process, turning objects of her everyday life into wearable glass jewelry. You can find Meredith in her studio at Fort Houston in Nashville where she runs a high-end glass design business, while maintaining a strong personal studio practice, and teaching as often as possible.

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Meredith Edmondson will be presenting:

This was not my plan

At 9:30AM-10:15AM, in Illustration 2

"There is no blueprint on how to become an artist. Find out how Meredith got here by heading down weird paths and saying yes to the right opportunities. And how when they were not there, she created them herself."

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