Hundreds of artists, creatives and makers will be at the ArtCamp conference this year. Join them in sessions, hearing inspiring speakers, collaboration and celebration. Meet and make new clients and friends.

Hundreds of Nashville’s most creative people will convene Saturday September 30th at Nossi College of Art for the 4th annual ArtCamp. It is not only a conference to learn from over 20 breakout sessions lead by the area’s best, but a place to meet artists from all over the area. 

This year ArtCamp is focusing on bringing as much of middle Tennessee’s creative community together as possible. Artists find and work in whatever spaces and areas they can find and with widespread gentrification those spaces are more and more hidden from plain sight. Let’s use this event to locate artists in their spaces and come together to build a powerful and diverse community. A community that makes Nashville the great city that it is, a city of creativity and hospitality.

Commit yourself to be ‘All In’ with our community. Make connections, take the risk, and we can have the city we dream about, a city that welcomes and nurtures all who come.


Go deeper with your art.

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