ArtCamp 2016 Afterparty!

We are excited to announce what may become an epic party for our guests and attendees: The ArtCamp 2016 Afterparty. We will hold the party on the Nossi College of Art Campus, so you will not have to travel to find the fun.

There will be a DJ duo, an LED performer, wall projections, photo booth, paint stations by Jerry's Artarama, and some cool beverages.

DJ Matt Baratz of Hooligan Recordings

Matt Baratz

Hooligan Recordings is an underground community of creative visionaries. Above all, we are a family, joining forces to provoke intellectual momentum, to propel the progression of the topical spiritual renaissance. We aspire to inspire. 

AnnaLee Lenoir-Kelly, aka Thundermoon


AnnaLee is an "experienced hoop dancer and fire performer". Come watch her spin her magical hoops.

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