How to create an ArtCamp session

First, create a profile for yourself. If you created one for any previous ArtCamp you can just log into your old account. Your profile will include:

  • Your name
  • Your email address, which is your username
  • A password
  • Your Zipcode, to help us know from which parts of town our attendees come.

Sign Up and Create A Session

Also you can add optional but very helpful information to your profile. 

  • Organization and your job title
  • A short bio which, if you speak will help everyone know more before they choose your session
  • URLs for your site, Facebook, twitter and Linkedin profiles
  • Upload a photo of yourself so we know you when we see you

With your profile done you can add a session.

We will ask for the following

  • A session title which should be concise, descriptive, and catchy
  • A description of your session. This text will be seen by visitors to the site and should include the goals of your session and some indication as to what will happen
  • Your preferred time of day. If you must speak in the morning or afternoon let us know and we will try and set your session in that timeframe
  • Set a category
  • Add a hashtag for social media tagging. This will need to be fairly short and include ac16. So if you are speaking about oil painting it might be #ac16oilpaint

How should you prepare for your session?

ArtCamp Sessions are for the common good of the community and not a platform for self promotion. It is a forum for individuals and groups who've experienced successes in the arts, around the arts or artists and wish to share what they've learned with the Nashville creative community. In that spirit we ask speakers to make introductions very brief and that they allow for at least 10 minutes of questions or interactions. Our goal is to take what we know and spread it around so the whole community becomes more successful and if the community is successful it's individuals can too.

Once you've created your session we will contact you confirming it's creation. Session submission will close on September 28th, then the ArtCamp crew will first determine if some session submissions are very similar in subject matter. If that is the case we will contact the submitters and ask if they will collaborate on one session rather than having two sessions on the same subject. Then we will have to trim the number of sessions down to no more than 24 as that is how much time and space we have for the day. Thankfully we've not had to eliminate sessions in this manner much in the past but it is a very real possibility that your session may not be chosen for a number of scheduling and topical reasons.

Now we set the schedule, announce it to the speakers and the public and have ourselves an ArtCamp!

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