ArtCamp Speaker Resources

Congratulations on your ArtCamp session. We want you to have a fantastic experience and for the attendees to get the most from your session as possible. This page is to help. We will be updating this information periodically up until the event.

Uniquely ArtCamp

ArtCamp might be different from any previous speaking experience many of you may have had. If you've spoken at BarCamp or PodCamp you should be familiar with the style. There are just a few things to consider.

  • Leave introductions to two sentences. Share your name, your company, and what you do. If your day job is not related to your topic, feel free to introduce yourself in that context but leave it to two sentences.
  • Allow for at least 10 minutes of discussion or Q&A, that is unless your presentation is all interactive.
  • Audience members are free to come and go. Some people will be wanting to catch part of another session and others will be entering after yours has begun.
  • Network and share during the entire event.


Your session room will have either an LCD projector or large flat screen TV. A VGA cable will be available for connecting your computer or device to the projector or TV, so bring any adaptors or dongles you will need to make that connection.

There will be no microphone but the noise level from the hallways is minimal if not completely shut out. The photo studio rooms (studio A and B) will have a lectern for your notes. Graphic Design rooms will have a desk and an iMac computer if needed.

Design rooms have classroom chairs. Studios will have chairs only

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