Why ArtCamp Nashville?

This article was written in preparation for the inaugural ArtCamp in 2014. Read Not Because It's Easy, written as we approach ArtCamp2 in 2015.


You may already know that Nashville is a creative city. Much of that is attributed to our overwhelming reputation as "Music City". As Bono said in 2011, Nashville is "a sea of songs". We have a sumptuous symphony center, a professional ballet, an award winning puppet theater, and several big time movie stars calling our fair city home. What doesn't float to the top is visual and performing arts.

The Goal of ArtCamp is to Raise the Bar in Nashville For:

The Arts, visual and performing arts in Nashville, to become a destination for excellent art.

Space to display and perform art. Find, develop, and curate walls and venues for all levels of art.

Collectors who live here and look for great art in Nashville first.

Nashville is home for not only emerging artists but successful career artists but few would know it. This community has attracted or cultivated a lot of art talent, while much of it is emerging there are a number of successful career artists living and working in Nashville, but few would know it. ArtCamp wants to change that knowing. As not only a gathering of the arts community but a collaborative share point of knowledge and experience ArtCamp hopes to engender vision, skills, and means to improve our expression.

Property in Music City gets more and more precious every month. Living, working, and playing have never been so accessible. Great space for art is growing too. Let us keep that trend going by making sure new properties want to include the arts in their plans. Art may not appear to be cost effective on the short view, the long view always rewards societies that not only make room for art but integrate it in their vision and plan.

Too often a grand new home in Middle Tennessee is built and shopping for art includes a flight out of our city! Let's stay in Nashville to find and buy collectable art. Let us push forward creating outstanding art that Nashvillians want to collect. Let's continue build and develop fabulous art galleries and museums.

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