An Open Letter to Nashville's Artists

I write to tell you with much sorrow, yet considerable gratitude, that I will no longer be coordinating ArtCamp. 

These past four years ArtCamp has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors I could have undertaken. I am very proud our goals were clearly reached, but profoundly satisfied having met all of you, worked hand in hand with so many incredible individuals, and immersed myself in a beautiful and diverse community. 

Nashville’s art scene is a more perfect place than it was in 2013 thanks to the hard work and dedication of the artists who call this city home. Thanks to the entrepreneurs who risked so much to build viable arts businesses. Thanks to a city that is starting to value art and the makers who create it. I could not be more proud that ArtCamp participated in building this unique place.

We are a place of belonging, creativity and willingness to work hard. So many folks have stepped up to make art a prominent part of Nashville’s character and appeal, and far beyond ArtCamp. There are people and places that help you make art, learn how to do art, learn how to market and sell it, grown arts businesses, see art, experience art, hear art, vibrate with art, read about art, crawl or stumble in front of art, comment on art, absorb the history and culture of art, connect with art, post art, make viral art, collect art, lead with art, be art. It’s as if ArtCamp happens every week all over middle Tennessee.

There is no way I can thank the hundreds of people who’ve meant so much to this part of my life but here goes my best shot. Thank you Chuck and Carla for your example. Thank you Herb for your activism. Thank you Beth for your community. Thank you Knight for your trust. Thank you Amélie for your partnership. Thank you Jacob for your insight. Thank you Keith for your mentorship. Thank you Eric for your vision. Thank you Megan for your doodles. Thank you Doughjoe for your acceptance. Thank you Kristen for your story. Thank you Natasha for your checklists. Thank you Chrisolux for your brush strokes. Thank you Brian for your insight. Thank you Mitsy for your generosity. Thank you Paul for your magazine (and speech). Thank you Lela for your loyalty. Thank you Megan for your speech. Thank you Thornhills for your pain. Thank you Livie for your spunk. Thank you John for your viewfinder. Thank you Benjamin for your Words. Thank you Marie for your patience. Thank you Richard for your reliability. Thank you Roy for your truck. Thank you Thaxton for your wisdom. Thank you Jon for your friendship. Thank you Travis for your pixels. Thank you Karen for your heart. Thank you Rebecca for your deep resources. Thank you to all who presented for your courage and knowledge. Thank you to the hundreds who attended for your presence and becoming my newest and best friends. And thank you Nashville for raising the bar. 

As for the future of ArtCamp. If you would like to carry the torch buy me a cup of coffee or craft beer. In return you can own all the physical and digital assets, plus my blessing and role as an advisor.

Love LOVE,

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